What do we do at
ECM Creative?

We are a digital agency specialising in helping small business owners get established online. From social media platforms to building your business a website, we look after all aspects of your online presence.

ECM Creative was founded by Eimear Morris after coming to the realisation that many small business owners were not maximising their businesses potential through the use of social media. Some struggled knowing what content to post, others with the use of the platforms themselves. What began as helping friends and family, ended up with the birth of ECM Creative, where Eimear uses her combined knowledge of social media and creativity and drive to create comprehensive online strategy. 

Driven by passion and a love for creating something beautiful, ECM Creative has expanded its services to include branding & design, social media management and website development. Eimear strives to work side by side with business owners to achieve any and all visions they have for their business. 

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